Turnkey Asset Management

outsourced portfolio management that saves you time and money


The trend for outsourcing investment management is growing quickly in wealth management.

Basic asset allocation and buy and hold approaches are no longer a sustainable long-term model for advisors anymore, forcing firms to seek out more sophisticated and comprehensive offerings.

We provide our advanced rules-based models to advisors on a number of custodial platforms. 

Turnkey Asset Management 


.35 bps annually.  Billed quarterly in arrears.

Negotiated rates available.  Contact us to discuss.



Schwab Institutional


TCA by ETrade

Interactive Brokers



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 *The Drawbridge Alliance TAMP is administered by Drawbridge Wealth, a division of Capital Markets IQ, LLC, a fee-based SEC-registered investment advisor.

 Find More Time – Leveraging a TAMP frees up valuable front and back office resources that can be applied to managing client relationships, and increasing productivity, capacity, and growth.

Manage Growth – Added capacity by outsourcing time consuming activities related to investment management provides you with an efficient, scalable platform and infrastructure to add AUM without adding staff.

Enhance Client Experience – A TAMP’s client portal provides a compelling, digital environment and experience for clients to access reporting, see their investment options, progress towards goals, and review overall performance.

Expand Client Base – The many investing options from a comprehensive TAMP enables you to work with a range of client types, including HNW clients who seek more sophisticated solutions.

Streamline Daily Workflows – A TAMPs service and support team, combined with efficient technology, simplifies and expands your ability to leverage your infrastructure and staff, enhancing productivity.

Enhance Profitability – By outsourcing costly activities related to portfolio construction, billing, proposal generation, reporting, and more – while being able to charge a premium for your advice, may boost the size of your income statement, potentially making your firm more profitable and valuable.

Differentiate Your Firm – Leveraging the sophisticated investment solutions from a comprehensive TAMP provides you with a compelling marketing message, helping you attract and serve more HNW clients

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