Be Your Clients' Best Investment by Putting our advanced rules-based models to work in your advisory business today!

Save Time & Money

Today more than ever before, advisors are faced with constant challenges. From industry disruptors to market volatility, it can be difficult to deliver the valuable service you were hired to provide. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to monitor investments, build your practice and most importantly, provide guidance and counsel to your most valuable assets, your clients.

Drawbridge can help. Through our Outsourced CIO solution, you can leverage decades of proven experience in investment management so that you can focus on your clients and your business.


The Drawbridge Outsourced CIO Solution 

  • Access to our rules-based investment models
  • Weekly market insights and commentaries to inform your client conversations
  • Access to our Market Demand Indicator with timely buy/sell recommendations
  • Shared knowledge through conference calls and webinars
  • One on one consulting

Eliminate Emotions

100% Systematic, Rules-Based Models.


Downside Risk Management

Our Downside Risk Protector™ automatically protects your client accounts from bear-market losses and protects your fee revenue.


Academic Research

Our methodologies are based on academic research and sophisticated institutional strategies.  This provides you with a credible approach to managing your client’s investments.


Flat Fee Pricing

Combat fee compression.  Our flat fees and our consistent returns mean predictable revenue for your business.

Special Pricing for May 2020.


We understand that these are challenging times.  Which is why we are offering our most comprehensive package for one monthly flat price, regardless of the size of your business.
Our Outsourced CIO (OCIO) package provides your office with a virtual chief investment officer and assistance in delivering our superior investment management. It is our top package that grants you an all-access pass to our strategies, insights, and communications.
This package generally costs $997 a month.  But for the next 3 months, you can try us for just $297 a month.



All Access Pass
Our most complete package
This plan is for the advisor who wants to leverage the advantages of having a virtual CIO to help deliver superior investment services.
Access to every rules-based model we publish
Consulting call to help you get started & ongoing support
Customized approach to meet your practice needs
Weekly market research notes
Timely Special Opportunity recommendations
Market Demand Indicator - Never miss a big move again!
Technical charts & notes.
Educational webinars
Conference Calls
Fact Sheets
Marketing materials
Private Slack Channel with direct access to Tim
Start Today

I have been using models created by Tim for a few years now.   For me, they provide an easy way to implement successful strategies that create long term wealth within a risk adjusted portfolio.

For my clients, regardless of their age, they like the fact that they are participating in the market but also move out of the market when risk is higher.

The models provide a good balance of different asset classes that I might not necessarily have picked myself, thus providing the needed diversification for growth and risk.

Kevin K.

President , Lifestyle Investment Strategies

“I am an active manager with over 48 years of experience. I was introduced to Tim’s Keystone strategy by friends of mine who were pleased with the excellent client retention they had using it. I now have been using the strategy myself I am pleased with the performance. It relieves stress because the drawdowns are small and it keeps my clients happy with the results.” 

Robert M.

CEO, Advisors Capital, LLC

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