Leverage Our Intelligence with Your Brand

We help financial publishers develop new channels of revenue, grow their customer base, and expand their current brand.


  • You need a great product
  • You need to stand out from others in the industry
  • You want to control your expenses
  • You want additional revenue channels and opportunities


Our turnkey, outsourced investment strategy solutions allows you to focus on sales and marketing while we focus on performance.

Our models offer proven results that have been tested for a full market cycle.  We can create customized models specifically for you or give you access to our lineup.  Licensed use of the models for a flat monthly fee helps you control your costs.


New Product Launches

We have relationships with some of the largest financial publishers in the industry and have been behind the scenes of multimillion dollar product launches.

Recurring Revenue

Our Models are Perfect for Creating Recurring Revenue

Historically, the subscriber retention rate  for our models remains hight making them perfect for recurring monthly or annual revenue.

Front or Back End

We understand the sales funnel process.

Whether you are looking to build something for the front end of a marketing campaign or the backend, we have done both and understand your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for developing a white label solution?

The process is very collaborative.

We being with a discussion to thoroughly understand what your needs are and who your audience is.  Sometimes people come to us with very specific mandates but more often we consider several ideas that might fit the needs.  Then we go to to work on building the investment model, testing, and analyzing the results until we have something that we believe works.  

We then schedule a time to present the model and field questions or concerns.  This usually results in a few adjustments as a result of our discussion.  

Once we are solid on the model, we often find ourselves answering questions from the copywriters who are busy writing the promotional copy.

Once the product is launched, we update the editor with each update of the model.  

What kind of strategies can you develop?
  • ETF models
  • stock models
  • covered call/put writing programs
  • dividend capture strategies
  • small cap investing 
  • blended disciplines such as technical and quantitative
  • income models
  • market timing 
Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

While we can include some of the largest financial publishers in the world as our clients, we understand that it is the quality of the list rather than that list size that makes the biggest difference.   We are happy to work with publishers of all sizes who are committed to delivering an exceptional product to their subscribers.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes. We can offer a standing consulting arrangement to meet the needs of your organization.

What is the cost to licensing a strategy.

Every strategy is evaluated separately and the final licensing fee is determined by the amount of front-end work required and the frequency and amount of ongoing work.

There are two phases of licensing fees. 

During the initial development phase, a reduced fee is charged up until the product is launched.  We do not charge the full agreed upon amount until you are collecting revenue from the product. 

The licensing fee can either be a flat monthly fee for the life of the product or a reduced monthly fee with a shared success fee on the back end.   

We would love to hear from you. 

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